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Do I actually need a PROJECTS or PORTFOLIOS landing page. Would the dropdown menus suffice? If so, how do I get rid of them?
Dark Garden.1800.jpg

Desperate Dark Fairytales

For months after the pandemic altered reality for all of us, I lost my artistic vision entirely. My camera was just a paperweight. Fortunately, I had to be outside with my dog at all hours of the night. A string of lights on the fence and ridiculously bright tennis court lights nearby cast multiple vaguely ominous overlapping shadows all around. Much as one sees figures in clouds, I began to see figures in the shadows.

Backyard Graffiti

Pressure washing the patio unexpectedly turned in to studio time. Doormats became stencils, the nozzle stream a brush, the the water hose a calligraphic line. It was fun, comic relief even, but also an oddly pure immersion in the joy of mark making. 

Backyard Graffiti #2.1800.jpg

Undercurrents of Spring

My sanctuary is overhung by dogwood branches on one side and cherry branches on the other. The visual effect when they are in the fullness ecstasy of their spring bloom is that of classic beauty. However, these images are an attempt to convey a different beauty, specifically, the dynamism of new life bursting out around me.

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